Drink some music, paint some wine on a shattered canvas, let the vibrant colours drown your poetry till the paintbrush draws a structure for your unsettled words churning inside your guts like a boiling cauldron. Well, did I sound schizophrenic? No fellas, I’m just a mathematically adept, poetically asshole INFJ man. Have a good day. Cheers.

“The strength of words lies In their verbose use. The magic of words, however, lies in wielding them with simplicity.”

39 thoughts on “About”

      1. I’m not sure what age I was but I began writing in elementary school. One of my teachers told me I had a knack for words. He encouraged me to keep writing, so this is why I write, right along with a passion for it.


          1. I’m actually majoring in Creative Writing. It’ll be nearly two years before I accomplish that task. I’ll definitely visit your blog often. You have some interesting poems posted.


          2. I’m 18 now and almost done with high school. I too hope to pursue a minor in creative writing and augment to this self-acquired love for writing of mine.
            Thank you! I hope you find the poems and proses posted here nice enough. You too have a nice blog. You write really well. 🙂


          3. Thanks. I hope you do well in creative writing! We should keep up with each other to check the progress of our creative writing degrees.


          4. Haha yes sure. I’m sure I’ll get to learn a lot from you keeping in mind the fact that you’re majoring in Creative Writing. I wish to one day become an eminent writer. Wish you all the good luck too.


    1. Hey. Thank you so much!
      Haha yes, but a writer to be more precise. Ofcourse poetry and prose writing are big attractions.
      Your blog is quite well too. Your work is simple yet fascinating. Good luck to you too. 🙂


  1. Hi Swapnill, glad you stubled upon one of my post´s. I saw in the comments section your going to pursue the a writing carreer in college, I have no doubt is going to be easy peasy for you. You do have a natual talent for it.

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      1. I wouldn´t say that is good wrting if I didn´t think so believe me. I just did one year of college and then went other route until 3 years ago I returned to writing and don´t write as much as I would like.
        Although you are much wiser not to pursue a full career in writing in college, better get a degree that will help you in getting a well paying job, you can pursue the writing on your free time and later on, you´re still quite young and last time I checked living out of writing…..very few make it.

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        1. I’m planning to get a degree in Computer Science and Business Studies at an Ivy League college. I hope I get admitted there. And thank you so much for all the appreciation and advices! 🙂


  2. So, I’ve been snooping around your blog a little (a lot). You’re words are just, beautiful. I don’t know where to begin.
    Goosebumps. An over flow of emotions. A realisation of beauty. Thank you 🙂

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